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Since its inception, ‘Hamara Bhumandal’ magazine has been providing information about environmental issues and sharing ideas and resources so that readers can live more sustainable lives and connect with ongoing efforts for change. ‘Hamara Bhumandal’ casts a wide net editorially, covering everything environmental — from the big issues like climate change, renewable energy and toxins and health, to the topics that directly impact our readers’ daily lives; how to eat right to stay healthy and how to save energy at home. This magazine is destination for informed and eco-savvy readers, looking for environmental news and information they can trust, dependable health and the most up-to-date information on how to live their lives to the greenest.‘Hamara Bhumandal’ & Sashart magazines have been a trusted source of news, information, inspiration and resources on environmental issues and topics for more than 20 years (We had published ‘Sashart’ as an environment magazine for 18 years, thereafter, Hamara Bhumandalis a totally environment & ecology magazine). ‘Hamara humandal’ reaches to the national readers in a smartly designed full-color format, printed on recycled paper.

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